Influence of work life balance policies

Work-life balance is the relationship between time and space of work & non-work in societies where income is predominantly generated and distributed through labor markets. Work-life balance is about creating and maintaining supportive and healthy work environments, which will enable to have balance between work and personal responsibilities and thus strengthen. Work-life balance practices are deliberate organizational changes in programs or organizational culture that are designed to reduce work-life conflict and enable employees to be more effective at work and in other roles. Work/life balance is at best an elusive ideal and at worst a complete myth, today’s senior executives will tell you but by making deliberate choices about which opportunities they’ll pursue.

influence of work life balance policies Regression analysis was used to estimate the predictive o f influence of work life balance policies on employee job satisfaction in the kenyan banking sector inferential statistics na mely pear.

Work–life balance policies (like flexitime) aim to support employees to do so however, implementing these policies is problematic research purpose: the aim of this article is to report on the challenges and benefits associated with implementing flexitime as a work–life balance policy. Research and policies directed at work-life balance have focussed on the causes, consequences and how to improve levels of this phenomenon this article will discuss the changing world of work relative to work-life balance, the motivational factors for why work-life balance should be considered. The quality of work life policies is increasingly becoming part of the business strategy and the focus is on the potential of these policies to influence employee's quality of working life and. Work-life balance is assisted by employers who institute policies, procedures, actions, and expectations that enable employees to easily pursue more balanced lives the pursuit of work-life balance reduces the stress employees experience.

Although some policies and programs that favor work-life balance are available, some workers may not take advantage of these opportunities for a variety of reasons (booth & matthews, 2012. Influence of work life balance policies has always been found positive towards employee’s job satisfaction and unprecedented organizational growth it has been observed that many employees leave the organization due to laxity of work life balance policies of the. Work-life balance which primarily deals with an employee’s ability to properly prioritize between work and his or her lifestyle, social life, health, family etc, is greatly linked with employee productivity, performance and job satisfaction. Audit their work environments to identify elements of practice, policy or culture that may be detrimental to a healthy work- life balance regularly monitor and evaluate policies against performance indicators such as sickness, absence and improvements in staff satisfaction.

Despite the popularity of work-life conflict as a topic of academic and practitioner debate, and the mounting prevalence of work-life balance practices (aka family-supportive or family-friendly policies) in organizations around the world (kersley et al, 2005, us bureau of labor, 2007), research on the organizational effects of such. This article examines perspectives on employer work–life initiatives as potential organizational change phenomena work–life initiatives address two main organizational challenges: structural (flexible job design, human resource policies) and cultural (supportive supervisors, climate) factors. The study examined work life balance and employee performance in selected commercial who are both central to the subsequent use and successful implementation of work life balance policies and practices this can only be achieved as a joint effort between employers and employees. This differs from work-life balance: while work-life balance may refer to the health and living issues that arise from work, work–family balance refers specifically to how work and families intersect and influence each other.

Work-life practices and organizational performance 1 running head: work-life practices and organizational performance making the link between work-life balance practices and organizational performance which work-life balance practices can influence organizational performance. Guest (2002) consider many factors which intensifies the pressure on work such as advanced technologies, fast moving information, customization, rapid changing demand and constant quality improvement policies and just in time availability of products have caused more work load and pressure and imbalance work and life. The difficulty of balancing work and family life: (ie the influence of work factors on family life and the influence of family factors on work) and the respective determinants and effects combinations of key words such as balance and work and family work and family and health.

  • The influence of working time arrangements on work-life integration or 'balance': a review of the international evidence‎pdf - 24 mb‎ tags: working conditions, arrangement of working time, hours of work, quality of working life, health, health policy, occupational safety and health.
  • A comparative analysis of the implementation of work-life balance policies in the united states and south korea: the influence of structure and culture kim, ji sung, brown, haidy, faerman, sue 1 the question/problem.

Factors affecting employee use of work-life balance initiatives jennifer smith digital mobile, auckland factors that influence the extent to which employees use available wlb the availability of work life balance initiatives can minimise confl ict between. This paper reviews the ability of work—life balance policies to actually influence some key social and organisational issues current developments, such as an increased casual workforce and the impact of changes in newly industrialised nations, are discussed. The aim of this research was to analyze the relationship between work life balance policies and employee job satisfaction work life balance entails attaining equilibrium between professional work and other activities, so that it reduces friction between official and domestic life. Environment in context with work-life balance and its practices/policies in this paper, an endeavour has been made to provide an overview of various aspects of work-life balance through the review of existing literature.

influence of work life balance policies Regression analysis was used to estimate the predictive o f influence of work life balance policies on employee job satisfaction in the kenyan banking sector inferential statistics na mely pear.
Influence of work life balance policies
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