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Explain drive reduction theory and how it relates to the concept of homeostasis also, discuss arousal theory and how it differs from drive reduction theory motive is an inner directing force, a need or desire that arouses or energizes an individual and directs behavior, hunger, thirst, achievement, or environmental cues are examples of a few. The concept of negative feedback in homeostasis is also used in psychology in psychology it can be a useful way of understanding basic drives and motivations in psychology it can be a useful way of understanding basic drives and motivations. Explain how negative feedback and positive feedback loops effect the homeostatic condition use examples to explain your answer homeostasis is the regulation of the body's internal environment also known as an unchanging state.

Homeostasis literally means “same state” and it refers to the process of keeping the internal body environment in a steady state, when the external environment is changed the importance of this cannot be over-stressed, as it allows enzymes etc to be ‘fine-tuned’ to a particular set of conditions. If you've been asked to write an essay explaining a concept, the most important task you face is deciding what to write about you'll be spending several hours working on your essay, so make sure you've chosen something you know a lot about and enjoy. Explain child protection in the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people safeguarding of children is known as an umbrella term which means it involves everything to ensure the health and safety of the children. Write an essay that explains a concept based on clear definition(s) choose a concept that interests you and that you want study further, and/ or that you know well enough to explain it consider carefully what your readers already know about it and how your essay might add to what they know.

Concept analysis, explaining a concept, or extended definition papers are all part of the same thing these types of papers ask students to explain something intangible like love, patriotism, hate, or joy. Describe the concept of homeostasis and the mechanisms that regulate the heart rate, ventilation rate, automobile trunk temperature explain the responses to changes in the body during exercise and inform the importance of homeostasis in offering the healthy function of the body. Homeostasis is a core concept necessary for understanding the many regulatory mechanisms in physiology claude bernard originally proposed the concept of the constancy of the “milieu interieur,” but his discussion was rather abstract.

Creating homeostasis for the human body essay - the human body has 11 different organ systems working together to perform functions for life the circulatory system is one, which consists of the heart, the blood vessels, and the blood that circulates though them. Homeostasis, from the greek words for same and steady, refers to any process that living things use to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival the term was coined in. How to write a concept paper four parts: sample concept papers establishing the purpose explaining how your concept works reviewing the draft community q&a if you’ve got a great idea for a new product, program, or service, writing a concept paper is one way to seek funding for it. Among the most important features of the human body that we must be aware of is homeostasis homeostasis is not a collection of organs, but a synthesis of bodily functions that collectively keeps the entire body stable in order to keep homeostasis at optimum it must have access to an adequate. The human body is an exquisite machine, partly because it maintains functionality in a variety of environments humans can thrive in conditions ranging from the arctic to the equator, and with a variety of diets and lifestyles part of the reason for this adaptability is the body's ability to maintain homeostasis homeostasis is a fancy word meaning.

Concept essays provide a chance to explore ideas you might previously have taken for granted writing a concept essay requires careful exploration of a concept, a concise and interesting thesis and a strong overall structure. Homeostasis is a key concept in biology as stated by bright hub, 2014 “homeostasis in a general sense refers to stability, balance and equilibrium” it is a process by which the internal conditions of living organisms remain constant, or within a normal range, regardless of their external environment (dummiescom, 2014. • explain the significance of homeostasis in the human body • define fluid compartments and apply theory to homeostasis of fluid homeostasis process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment describe the negative feedback process using blood sugar as an example. The goal of homeostasis is the maintenance of equilibrium around a specific value of some aspect of the body or its cells called a set point while there are normal fluctuations from the set point, the body’s systems will usually attempt to go back to this point. A concept essay is a type of a literary essay piece that is used to present an idea or a topic with the sole purpose of providing a clear definition and explanation their usual content are those topics that may have previously been presented but were not given with full emphasis.

Biology is such a broad field, covering the minute workings of chemical machines inside our cells, to broad scale concepts of ecosystems and global climate change biologists study intimate details of the human brain, the composition of our genes, and even the functioning of our reproductive system. Naomi ward unit 5 p5- explain the concept homeostasis with reference to the control of heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature and blood glucose. The aim of this essay below is to explain homeostasis, the principles involves, the negative feedback, the control of the blood glucose level, the mechanism of temperature regulation and the structure of the kidney and the function and the hormonal control of osmoregulation.

  • What is homeostasis in the context of the anatomy and physiology of the human body topics on this page include control of homeostasis, how feedback mechanisms act to maintain homeostasis, examples of homeostasis, how homeostasis affects disorders, diseases and conditions within the body.
  • Concept essay steps for writing concept essays the aim of concept essays is to inform readers about a particular topic the purpose of such an essay is to explain a concept without influencing your readers.

Homeostasis is the body’s ability to maintain a constant balance between the internal environment and external environment at a constant rate, despite changes which may affect our external environment such as body temperature and the amount of water in our bodies. How to write an explaining essay updated on may 3, 2018 virginia kearney more however, even though an explain essay is not necessarily intended to be an argument, the way you explain something can be persuasive to the reader describe your concept clearly and in a logical sequence be careful about transition markers. Homeostasis essays the human body's ability to maintain a constant environment is essential to its survival this capability is referred to as homeostasis homeostatic mechanisms keep the body near a set point, based on the sensitivity of central nervous system nuclei, which is an ideal value.

explaining the concept of homeostasis essay Homeostasis is the ability of an organism to maintain a stable, constant internal environment, even when the external environment changes humans maintain homeostasis in processes such as controlling temperature, blood pressure and respiration as well as maintaining a balance in ph and electrolytes.
Explaining the concept of homeostasis essay
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